Relax, We’ve Got This

AOC assists with a wide range of services from technology consultation, network & infrastructure design, all the way to on-premise software/hardware installation & support.  AOC is your partnered IT department.  We will ensure that your day-to-day operation is smooth and uninterruptible while you focus on growing your business.

Our range of expertise includes but not limited to:

Performance Eval & Consulting

AOC investigates your current setup to spot any glitches and defects that would potentially affect the overall system performance.  With the result, we could then propose fixes and updates.

HW / SW installation and Upgrade

We evaluate your current infrastructure and gives suggestion for upgrade.  We install / upgrade hardware and software on-premise and monitor the performance.

Computer / laptop diagnosis & repair.

Things happen. It could be a bad day at work or perhaps the terrible traffic. But don’t let your computer or laptop troubles you more. We will take care of all the troubleshooting and repair and leave you with a peace of mind.

Email setup and support

E-mail is our day-to-day communication tool.  We know Outlook is one powerful but tough-to-deal-with email client. We can be of service and fight this “cannot open your default e-mail folders” craps, and make your life easier.

Wired / wireless network design, setup, and maintenance

Many modern applications require network connection. What happens when your office’s network is down? People start playing Solitaire! We make your office productive and minimize network outage by designing well-architected network topology. 

Disaster prevention and recovery

We schedule device and data backup for your business.  With our tiered storage options, we could archive large scale of data with minimum cost and high durability.  We also implement failover strategy to minimize the impact of any single point of failure.

Printer connection and printing

We understand how it feels when printer is acting up.  Paper jams, lose connection, out of alignment, and many more disturbing little things that make you want to destroy this big box of junk. Worry not, we will fix it for you, and we will fix it right.

VOIP design and installation

We help your business transitions to Internet phones. VOIP phones utilize network connection to give you stable call quality. In the meantime, it cost less than landline in the long run. With the rich features it has to offer, you can organize your calls in a more productive way.

Device and network security

Security is a key factor in business success. Whether it’s virus protection or removal, AOC will back you all the way. Did you know one infected computer is likely to bring down the whole office network? AOC will strengthen your local and network security standards and build the “Great Wall”.

Security surveillance system design and setup.

Study shows that businesses and residences with surveillance system installed are 70% less likely to be the target of burglary. We install the most cutting-edge surveillance systems, from CCTV to IP surveillance. Got stuck with the old 480 TVL cameras? We can help you upgrade to 1080P or even higher resolution today!